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About Gail

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"I painted to remain sane. My dreams lead me to safety and reality. 
Now I paint to remain conscious."

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Gail W. Shive's two dimensional acrylic paintings emphasize the beauty and lusciousness of nature. Her opposing color schemes bring to light the power of color. While hiking, biking, skiing and gardening, Gail's camera is always ready to capture and collect images, later to be turned into paintings. People report her art stirs and uplifts them; it is enjoyed by collectors world wide.  

Gail’s work has been shown from New Mexico to New York. Locally, her art has been exhibited with the Laramie Art Project and Touchstone 2012-2018. She received Sweepstakes and Popular Awards from the Wind River Valley Artists' Association of Fremont County Wyoming, as well as a Fellowship Exhibit provided by the Wyoming Arts' Council for her Screaming Women's Purses series.

Gail was born and raised on a mid-western farm. She received her master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Wyoming, and is currently working and residing in Laramie, Wyoming.

Gail volunteers her free time to garden at the public library. Read about her service here: 

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